Q: what is this event?

A: This is a 1920s-themed New Years Eve party set in a private home in Woodland Hills, CA. It is supposed to be reminiscent of large parties thrown during that decade. We will have live music, food and drink, and lots more.

Q: How can i attend?

A: You can either purchase tickets through Eventbrite, or donate to our GoFundMe. Our Eventbrite allows you to purchase additional things like extra drink tickets, casino chips, and extra guest tickets.

If you donate through GoFundMe, be sure to email your receipt to receive your invite.

Once you donate your selected tier amount, email with a copy of your receipt from GoFundMe. We will enter your entries, and ask you for anymore information we may need. 

Q: How can I attend for free?

A: Never hurts to ask right? If you are an entertainer or want to volunteer (photographer, magician, mermaid, musician, dancer, drag queen or drag king, candy-girl, driver, door-greeter, bouncer, etc etc.) we are happy to let you attend for free. All we ask is you work for 4 hours, and then enjoy the rest of the party. Not only will you get to attend for free, we will be able to pay you as well.

Another way is if you run or work for a business are able to make a monetary or in-kind donation for the Casino Night prize baskets, or are willing to Sponsor the event as a whole by providing a monetary or product donations we are happy to invite you and your employees to attend.

Finally, if you are a member of the Los Angeles Art Deco Society, it is free for you to attend.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Period costumes or black tie/white tie. We want to encourage you to have fun and get creative. We will have a costume contest for the best mix of 20s and modern fashion. Still working out the details. If you don't have access to formal wear, please email me. I want to try and keep this party as accessible as possible, and don't want you to not be able to attend because you can't afford an outfit. 

Q: What is the mood of the event?

A: Lit, but classy. We will have live performers and have a dance instructor in the early evening so you can try your best at the Charleston, Lindy-Hop etc throughout the night. Casino tables, croquet, a speakeasy area where artists can display their work, a bar, etc.  While this party is going to be epic, we ask that you still remain respectful of the space you're in, and to the people around you. 

Q: How does the Casino Night work?

Basically instead of money as the prize you receive raffle tickets in exchange for the chips that you’ve won throughout the night. Everyone starts off with a base amount of chips, and can buy more if they run out (the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish in this case).

A: We’re still working out the ratios, but for example, 100 Chips will get you 1 Raffle Ticket. At the end of the night, you cash in, say $1,000 worth of chips, and get 10 raffle tickets. We will have various standalone prizes/gift baskets, and you put your raffle tickets into the prizes that you want. We call them at the end of the night and you might end up winning some cool stuff.

Q: How do I know this isn’t another Fyre Festival?

A: I can’t even play the evil side in video games, never mind scam people out of their money. Feel free to to reach out to and I’ll be happy to show you receipts, and emails from the venue and Make-A-Wish Foundation. I’m just a person who loves to host parties, not trying to “sell losers a pipe-dream” or anything like that. The party is very real, and something I am genuinely passionate about doing for my friends, family, and strangers.

Q: I just find it hilarious that you people think that F. Scott Fitzgerald was glorifying big fancy parties in the the 1920s when in reality it was about how overabundance and America’s obsession with money and the appearance of having money ultimately led to the downfall and blah blah blah….

A: Thank you. We all read the book in high school.

Still have questions?